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Dear Lillian, you have a purpose

Dear Lillian, I woke up today exhausted and not feeling well. I went to church and was feeling very dizzy and nauseous. I started to throw myself a pity party about being sick and pregnant during the hottest months of the year. While waiting in line in […]

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Dear Lillian, honor God with your talents

Dear Lillian, It’s a sad reality to face, but people are always going to copy others. When I was a senior in high school, we had to write a short children’s story for our English class. I always loved creative writing and had written several children’s stories […]

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Dear Lillian, today I made orange drop cookies

Dear Lillian, When I was a little girl, my parents called me cookie monster. I loved to eat cookies. Nilla wafers, chocolate chip cookies and my all time favorite…orange drop cookies. Today I had a craving for orange drop cookies. The are quite time consuming to make, […]

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Dear Lillian, I saw your tiny kicks

Dear Lillian, Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt you move quite frequently. It wasn’t until today that I actually saw your little kicks. Your dad was sitting next to me and got to see it at the same time. He seemed pretty amazed. It’s strange to […]

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Dear Lillian, You have a name

Dear Lillian, That’s right. You have a name. It’s Lillian Faye Anderson. Your dad wanted to name you Faye and I wanted to name you Brynn. I’m glad we both decided on Lillian. It seems to suit you well…even though I’ve never met you! Lillian means “God […]

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Dear Baby A, I know your gender

Dear Baby, You have a gender! You’re growing so big inside of me. It is strange to feel you move around in my belly. Me at 19 weeks pregnant We found out that you are a girl! Even though I secretly hoped and longed for a daughter, […]

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