Monthly archive for June 2016

Don’t forget to flap those wings


Dear Lillian, We recently ventured out to some beautiful gardens. You were intrigued by the water features. As your fingers gently skimmed the top of the reflecting pool, the water started to ripple. It was slow at first, but then you were dancing your fingers along the […]

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Get lost in a moment…


Dear Lillian, Sometimes we just have to get lost. Lost in the music on a drive. Lost on a walk. Lost while swinging. The other night you wanted a moment to be silent and swing after your dance recital. I think you wanted to get lost in […]

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Money saving tips for rustic wedding invitations


How to save money when you DIY wedding invitations I work with almost 1000 brides each year and about 1/3 of those brides choose to DIY their wedding invitations. I’m always happy to share some tips, tools and tricks to make things a little bit easier. I […]

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Let a kid be a kid…


Dear Lillian, A dear friend said something the other day and it touched me deeply. I was on a group phone conversation for a bible study. We were discussing fears within ourselves and we all agreed that we have the fear of inadequacy. This is stemmed from […]

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Dear Lillian, I’m afraid to close my eyes


I blinked and you are now 3.5. I’m afraid to blink again for I fear you’ll be 23. I’m afraid to miss more moments with you. Summer is in full swing. I chose to not put you in childcare this summer and I chose to not have […]

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