Money saving tips for rustic wedding invitations

How to save money when you DIY wedding invitations


I work with almost 1000 brides each year and about 1/3 of those brides choose to DIY their wedding invitations. I’m always happy to share some tips, tools and tricks to make things a little bit easier. I know some people have become vocal about how rustic weddings are overdone and too trendy, but I love rustic and I say go for what represents your personality. I think certain elements within the rustic style are here to stay. Here are 5 money saving tips for DIY rustic wedding invitations.

1 – Print 2 invitations per 8.5×11″ or A4 page

Let’s face it, paper and envelopes are EXPENSIVE! The biggest way to save lots of bucks is to utilize as much of the paper as you can. I hate to waste paper, so I print multiple designs per page. I’d rather spend a little extra time cutting than to spend more money on paper.

If you order a rustic wedding invitation through me, I offer the option to print 2 per page. Some of my designs have text that extends to the edge of the page (the bleed), when I put 2 per page, I set it up so that you can easily cut it.

You can see how I printed 2 (5×7″) per page on a design with a bleed in the photo above.

2 – Coupons for Paper & Envelopes!!

I’m all about stretching a dollar. I’ve shopped around, tried every kraft paper out there and I always come back to these kraft paper packs from Hobby Lobby.

Why? Because it’s cheap. It works well & it matches the envelopes I recommend. There are so many different variations to kraft paper. This can be frustrating when you DIY invitations.

@$4.99 each, this kraft paper pack comes with 50 sheets. Let’s do a little math. Say you are sending out 100 kraft paper invitations. If you print 2 per page, 1 pack is sufficient and you just made 100 invitations for $4.99. But wait, it gets better. Hobby Lobby frequently runs a 50% off sale, so you can get those 50 sheets for $2.50! Let me repeat that…$2.50 for 100 5×7″ kraft paper invitations!

If you’re in a pinch during a non-sale week for their paper packs, then look on their website for the 40% off coupon they have posted every week. (To give you a comparison, similar paper is available through other vendors online at around $14 for 50 sheets plus $8 shipping!)

I know most people like to include RSVP cards and additional inserts for each invitation. I tend to print 4 RSVP cards per page (equates to 25 sheets of kraft paper for 100 RSVP). Depending on the amount of info on each insert card, I print anywhere from 3-6 per page. I usually go through about 3 (50 sheet) packs of kraft paper for orders with 100 invitations. ($15 without coupon/$7.50 when on sale). See how much money you can save when you hit sale weeks on paper and use coupons.

If you’re DIYing rustic wedding invitations, I recommend these kraft envelopes from Hobby Lobby. They are thick and match the kraft paper well. @$6.99/50 A7 (5×7″) envelopes. If you catch them on sale, too, you can save a ton of money!

3 – RSVP options

It seems like every bride I work with has a wedding website. This is a great way to have guests RSVP. Though it is traditional to send a RSVP card/stamped envelope, a lot of brides are opting for the eco-friendly online RSVP option. Some request guests to RSVP via text, email, app or website. Not only do you save money on the paper to print the RSVP card, you don’t need the additional envelope and stamps! Stamps are currently $0.47 each. Multiple that by 100, and you’re saving $47 just on the stamps.

For those that do want the RSVP mailed back, an option that about half of my brides use is the postcard RSVP. It will save money on purchasing the additional return envelope. (Those tiny envelopes can add up quickly!)

In the photo above, you can see an example of a RSVP postcard in the top left corner.

4 – Print at home vs office store

One day I walked into a popular printing/shipping store to price out how much it was for them to print invitations. I get asked this question frequently, so I sought to find out. At the time, it was $0.69/page. The employee I spoke with insisted there was no reduction in price for providing your own paper. That seems like a ripoff. Even with printing 2 invitations per page, if you’re printing 100 invitations with 100 RSVP card & 100 detail cards, that is roughly 100 sheets of paper…and $69 just to print.

If you have the ability, print your own invitations. I’ve printed with both laser and inkjet and have yet to have issue with either. I currently print with this canon pixma pro 100 printer, but don’t recommend purchasing just for your wedding invitations. There are many cheaper printers out there that do a decent job if you don’t already have one.

5 – Embellishments…Shop multiple departments

When adding ribbon, twine and flowers to your invitations, shop around. I work with a lot of twine. When I walk through the scrapbook aisles of Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and Michael’s, I see these tiny spools of twine that are marked way up. Walk over to the jewelry section and check out their twine. They have jute, hemp and twine over there in big spools for way less. And don’t forget your coupons!


These are just a few ways to save big money on your rustic style wedding invitations. I have tons more that I share over on my instagram occasionally.

Ash 🙂


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