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Wake me up when September ends…

I’m not sure what’s worse. Knowing that I haven’t been to see my extended family in two years, or knowing that I can’t go see them until next year. As I sat down to ponder over my maternal grandmother’s accomplishments in life for her obituary and think […]

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I’m reading a new book about God whispering to us. I’ve really been struggling with what God wants me to do with my life. I’m not used to having a baby as a variable in my life. The first chapter hit me. If we listen to God’s […]

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Sometimes a little sunshine can do the soul some good. Being cooped up all day can cause some serious cabin fever and make you feel depressed. I miss taking my camera out on walks and photographing nature. I miss being in nature. So I took my computer […]

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I will wait for you…

I’m working on figuring out some things in my life. I’m stuck between my former free spirited independent self and being a mom with a baby that will depend on me for everything. I’m super ready to take on my new role. It’s hard to figure out […]

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Progress so far…week 32.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been a difficult past few weeks with being on bed rest. Here are some maternity photos that my mom took of me. I have acid reflux all night long and hardly sleep anymore. I think I’ll get more sleep […]

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Dear Lillian, I’d do anything for you…

Dear Lillian, I’m in my 27th week and you have decided to prepare to come out. We aren’t quite ready to meet you little lady. As anxious as I am to see your little face and kiss those little toes, I need you to stay in a […]

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