Rustic calligraphy wedding invitation


Versatile rustic calligraphy wedding invitation As first seen in my Jubeelee ART etsy shop and on pinterest, this rustic calligraphy wedding invitation is my most popular design with over 1500 sold. This rustic elegant calligraphy wedding invitation is extremely versatile and the perfect invitation for any style […]

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Money saving tips for rustic wedding invitations


How to save money when you DIY wedding invitations I work with almost 1000 brides each year and about 1/3 of those brides choose to DIY their wedding invitations. I’m always happy to share some tips, tools and tricks to make things a little bit easier. I […]

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Navy and gold love and marriage modern wedding calligraphy invitation


Modern calligraphy with navy and gold embellishments I wanted to do something a little different with the calligraphy on this invitation. I love mixing hand lettering and modern typography, but was burnt out on creating invitations that emphasized the names in bold modern calligraphy. I focused the […]

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How to make rustic wedding invitations with twine, tags and band


A lot of brides enjoy DIY invitations. I know I did when I was getting married. I get asked questions everyday of where I purchase supplies, how I tie the twine, what kind of lace I use, etc. I thought I’d post some tips that I have […]

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Rustic green woodland watercolor wedding invitation printable

rustic woodland green watercolor wedding invitation

Rustic green woodland watercolor wedding invitation printable Rustic woodland forest weddings are all of the rage right now. Green moss, wood slices, bark, twine…you name it…it’s all over Pinterest. My woodland watercolor invitation is the perfect accompaniment to this wedding theme. Utilizing modern center aligned text and […]

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The perfect garden wedding invitation


The perfect garden wedding invitation I struggle with finding the perfect paint color for my kitchen. I want my house to be classic and timeless. I don’t want to have to redo everything again in 5 years. I don’t have that kind of free time or money […]

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Rustic Elegant blue lettered invitation


Rustic Elegant blue lettered invitation It’s been one of those weeks. If it could go wrong, it did. Paper problems, printer problems, email problems…I found myself holding my breath. Stressing out. I do that a lot. Especially if I haven’t been to a yoga class that week. […]

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