Dear Lillian, It’s His breath in our lungs


His Breath in Your Lungs Normally, I have a hard time falling asleep because of the loud frogs croaking and the cicadas chirping outside of my window. The other night, I woke up to the sweetest sound. The sound of you breathing deeply. You have ninja-like moves […]

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Don’t forget to flap those wings


Dear Lillian, We recently ventured out to some beautiful gardens. You were intrigued by the water features. As your fingers gently skimmed the top of the reflecting pool, the water started to ripple. It was slow at first, but then you were dancing your fingers along the […]

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Get lost in a moment…


Dear Lillian, Sometimes we just have to get lost. Lost in the music on a drive. Lost on a walk. Lost while swinging. The other night you wanted a moment to be silent and swing after your dance recital. I think you wanted to get lost in […]

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Dear Lillian, I said I quit


Dear Lillian, I said two words tonight in front of you that I regret. Two words I strive to never say to anyone. Two words I never want to hear you say. Tonight, I said…”I quit.” I said it over and over until my salty tears saturated […]

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Teatime with Lillian

I hope to have many more tea parties with Miss Lily and her dolls. For now, I get to pretend and dream about future parties together. It’s hard to imagine what she will look like when she’s old enough to ask for a tea party. I have […]

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I rest, too.


I placed you in your swing in front of a window and you calmed down. Ms. Mabel decided to bother you and you flipped out. You finally calmed down and I put you in the pack and play. It’s your first time to sleep in there. You […]

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Books! Books! Books!

Lily, We went to the GoodBooks store at the GoodWill today. You can’t beat $0.99 books…especially hard cover ones. 🙂 While walking through the aisles of books at the goodwill… Yes, I bought a children’s book by Weird Al. I had a flashback to college. To my […]

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March 12 – A little gypsy

Miss Lily has been traveling a lot lately. About two weeks after we returned from our trip to Nashville, we had to drive back up to Nashville then up to Chicago for my grandfather’s funeral. She is such a good traveler considering the amount of time she […]

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Real food for Lily!

Things are finally settling down after our trip. I’m still trying to catch up on laundry during little miss’s naps. Here’s Lily’s instagram week in review: It’s been almost two months since we started this new eating lifestyle. I’m proud to say we have stuck with it […]

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Sweet baby Lily – 15 weeks

I took these photos last week and never got around to posting them. She wasn’t very in to this session, so I didn’t get very many. 

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