Don’t forget to flap those wings


Dear Lillian, We recently ventured out to some beautiful gardens. You were intrigued by the water features. As your fingers gently skimmed the top of the reflecting pool, the water started to ripple. It was slow at first, but then you were dancing your fingers along the […]

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Navy and gold love and marriage modern wedding calligraphy invitation


Modern calligraphy with navy and gold embellishments I wanted to do something a little different with the calligraphy on this invitation. I love mixing hand lettering and modern typography, but was burnt out on creating invitations that emphasized the names in bold modern calligraphy. I focused the […]

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Dear Lillian, I watched your beautiful feet…


Looking back at my old blog… I ran across AN OLD POST I wrote about the tiny feet I saw on your anatomy ultrasound. I started tearing up because you’ve already made it through half of the things I listed and so much more. I watched you […]

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Teatime with Lillian

I hope to have many more tea parties with Miss Lily and her dolls. For now, I get to pretend and dream about future parties together. It’s hard to imagine what she will look like when she’s old enough to ask for a tea party. I have […]

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Raising Lillian

The aroma of ink and toner from freshly xeroxed papers overwhelmed me as I strolled by a small business downtown. Reminiscent of the aromas from my days spent printing spreads for design classes, I remembered how much I loved the smell of newly printed pages. A fit […]

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How he loves…


        During this trip you learned to smile. You have proceeded to manipulate me with it during your 3AM feedings. Good thing you learned how to do that, too, because I was about to go crazy with the lack of sleep. I can’t get […]

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Turn negatives into positives

Today I took some photos of you and I together. You cooperated for most of the session. Then you had a meltdown. I was glad to finally get some good shots of your face. Generally, you bury it in a pillow on the bed so I can’t […]

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Silver and Gold…

I’m watching Hope Floats right now. I love that movie. The full quotes is… “Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome. That’s what momma always says. She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that […]

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I will cherish your every moment…

Tonight I fed you and rocked you. Your head was on my shoulder and we rocked cheek to cheek. Your tiny breaths tickled my neck and I thought how I didn’t want that moment to end. I want you to stay little forever. As exhausted as I […]

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Sweet honey bee

Dear Lillian, I hope you will always remember your parents like that picture. Everybody fights and has bad days. It’s important to surround yourself with people that will stick with you through those bad days and love you anyways. That’s how I think of your father. Somebody […]

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