Dear Lillian, I watched your beautiful feet…


Looking back at my old blog… I ran across AN OLD POST I wrote about the tiny feet I saw on your anatomy ultrasound. I started tearing up because you’ve already made it through half of the things I listed and so much more. I watched you […]

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Dear Lillian, I saw your beautiful feet today…

I had the anatomy ultrasound today and they said you looked perfectly healthy. It seems like you have my feet. I think about those feet often when you kick inside my stomach…I often wonder when I’ll be able to hold those little feet. When will you take […]

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Dear Baby A, I know your gender

Dear Baby, You have a gender! You’re growing so big inside of me. It is strange to feel you move around in my belly. Me at 19 weeks pregnant We found out that you are a girl! Even though I secretly hoped and longed for a daughter, […]

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