Dear Lillian, Embrace your free spirit


I have to admit. I’m a bit spastic on a daily basis. Case and point: today I forgot your shoes for school.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I was picking up your friend to take to school today, I would have sent you shoeless…with unbrushed hair and a chocolate stained shirt from the Kind Bar you ate on the way. Hot mess. My dear friend loaned a pair for the day and I am forever grateful.


You laughed at me and called me a silly mommy. Thank you for the grace. I’m sure your teachers would have given me the side eye, considering I neglected to show up for the Mother’s Day picnic (even though I am convinced I never received the memo).


The older I get, the more I realize this is just who I am. I’m messy. I’m unorganized. I forget things, because my mind runs a million miles a minute. I “wing it” instead of plan. You’re a toddler and being messy is who you are, too. It works for us. We make messes together. We laugh together. We play together.


And when I come up with a crazy idea, you love it. Because you’re a free spirit, too. You’re messy, too. You love to have fun in the mess. Embrace it, girl.

IMG_5806Don’t let people try to tell you that you have to be a certain way. I tried my entire life to become organized and it hasn’t ever work for me. God created me this way and he created you the way you are. And you’re pretty fantastic in my opinion.


So you have the choice to either thrive or survive with the qualities God gave you. I encourage you to thrive…to use those qualities for a better purpose. Even if it doesn’t make sense to the world around you…we aren’t all intended to be the same.

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